One of San Francisco’s most respected stylists, Charlotte Welch, has spent the last eight years dressing and shaping the style of high profile business professionals, commercial clients, and fashion’s elite faces. She developed and evolved her keen eye for shape, style, and form during her years as student of fashion in both San Francisco and abroad in Italy. Her extensive travels to Europe have greatly influenced her particular bravura for styling. Years putting skill to practice in the global fashion industry has put Charlotte ahead of the curve when it comes to understanding personal style for Bay Area residents and companies.

Charlotte has transformed the aesthetic of not only individuals but of entire brands. Educating the client about the process so that they can incorporate the skills into their own lives is one of Charlotte’s goals. Style is personal and development is key to understanding what works for you or your brand. Whether it is helping a brand develop and style a concept for a campaign, or creating a look for a special event you are attending - Charlotte has unparalleled experience, understanding, and creativity.